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A new gin experience blows in from the Atlantic

Atlantic Galician gin

Nordés, Spain’s fastest growing premium gin, wants to challenge habits of British drinkers suggesting its unique Atlantic Galician gin should not be restricted to aperitif. Nordés believes its gin’s herbal and highly aromatic flavour profile makes it the perfect accompaniment to a wide range of savoury and sweet dishes.

The gin which is named after the north-easterly wind, Nordés Atlantic Galician gin is produced in a small distillery close to Santiago de Compostela, Galicia’s capital in North Western Spain. White albariño grapes are distilled with selected botanicals to produce a refreshing yet delicious taste. Verbena is paired with laurel, samphire and mellow sage, warmed up with a pinch of juniper, cardamom, ginger, hibiscus and black tea. This results in a gin with gastronomic notes of eucalyptus, laurel and mint and delicate flavours of white fruit.

Nordes Atlantic Galician gin

Nordés suggests pairing a well-made gin and tonic (try serving it with fresh sage leaves) alongside a smoked salmon starter or spicy sausage. As a main, match the gin with Thai cuisine to bring out the lemon verbena notes. And for desert it’s best paired with a summer fruit sorbet and a sprig of mint to bring out the sweeter aromatics.

Bory Saintoyant, Nordés Marketing Manager told Revealing Gin: “Unusually the soul of our gin comes from albariño grapes, we have then layered flavours and essences which form the foundations of Galician cuisine. Its highly aromatic and fresh taste means it makes an amazing pairing with traditional Galician tapas and savoury dishes from around the world. But, perhaps more surprisingly, it’s also a great match with deserts.”

Nordés gin (70 cl) ABV 40% – RRP £35 – is available nationwide via Amazon and Master of Malts.