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Brand new Herefordshire Apple & Elderflower Gin has launched

Herefordshire Apple & Elderflower Gin

Following a successful launch in 2018, drinks’ brand Penrhos Spirits has launched a new addition to its gin range, a delicious Herefordshire Apple & Elderflower. This Apple and Elderflower Gin is a delicious British mix of the delicate floral tones of elderflower with the crisp fruity edge of apple, creating a light refreshing Gin, perfect simply mixed with tonic.

Penrhos Spirits is a farm-based distillery in the Herefordshire Marches close to the Welsh border. The brand is the work of two fruit farming families diversifying their traditional fruit growing businesses to develop their love of gin using their own fruit along with local botanicals to produce a range of fragrant, rurally-inspired gins.

Penrhos Apple & Elderflower 75cl abv 40% is now available online at penrhosspirits.co.uk priced at £38.