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Hold the tonic, here comes Manchester’s most expensive gin


Manchester’s exclusive gin bar 1837 has added the city’s most expensive gin to its menu, costing you £60 per serve.

1837, which has gained a reputation for its bespoke gin menu, has become the first bar in the UK to stock NOLET’S Reserve Gin. A premium gin that is not available to buy by the bottle anywhere else in the country. Gin lovers looking to try NOLET’s Reserve will need to visit 1837 in Manchester to sample its expertly blended flavours.

Strictly served straight, a measure of one of the world’s finest gins will cost around ten times the price of a standard gin.

Each batch contains the perfect combination of delicate botanicals, including saffron and verbena, which are individually macerated and then distilled before being blended with the gin base.

The award-winning batches are individually numbered by hand and then allocated to a selective list of suppliers every year.

Bob Fish, Assistant Manager at 1837, said: “NOLET’S Reserve Gin is renowned for its unique botanicals and flavour profile and it is only found in a handful of bars around the world. As one of Manchester’s most premier gin bars, we felt it was our responsibility to bring the drink to the city and the UK.

“It’s a real must for discerning gin drinker’s and is served straight so you get the full impact of the flavour.

“We’ve spent several months developing the menu at 1837, using our in-house knowledge and creativity to ensure gin is the main focus. Our extensive range of gins allows us to be pretty confident when we say we can offer a gin to suit everyone.”

1837’s 60-seat bar has been designed to reflect the look and feel of the prohibition area, where gin itself came into prominence.

The bar can be found via Alston Bar & Beef which is located on the Corn Exchange at the Cathedral Street entrance. For more information visit: http://alstonmanchester.co.uk/1837-bar.